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Obstructed waves of energy cause cynical but irrational feelings in this frozen world of terror. Terror, used as a word of fear, not as its literal definition, terror of not feeling complete…no unity.

Maybe if we all had faith in something, a community could be fruitful, or maybe not. My persona is mainly that of myself, made up of something i wish i was, reflecting upon the beauties and fallacies that face me in everyday life…but I’ve survived, and i shall write to hopefully help me realize that my thoughts are illogical, but influence my outcome eventually.

I am afraid of not feeling accepted within the whim of my own world, i am afraid of delicious candor, the joy of others disgust me in some ways because of this, but i refuse to reflect upon this, there’s nothing wrong with it. Focusing on me and me only, but creating this unity is my primary goal. Not being accepted per se, but knowing who i am, and leading a wave of self proclaimed logic, but also expressing my cowardice ways…one step at a time. Who knows though, i feel like I’m an idiot, as well as making myself seem as one, so maybe i am.  


Land of color and freedom....

So, I’m going to actually use this blog as a chance to write up some stories, possibly have a real connection to my music and this little Paggos character i’ve had for a bit. I wonder if anybody would be interested in that…but anyway, I’ll have poems, stories, etc relating to the character and creating a sort of world where everything seems to be fine and dandy, but have underlying meaning.

I hope a few of you join me in this adventure to help fight inner demons, heart breaks, misfortunes, and just basic life tied with interest. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow pertaining to the introduction to my story….i guess you’d call this “fan fiction” but with my own character(s), if you have any ideas as well, feel free to post them haha.

This is what happens when you mess with Jens cat xD

This is what happens when you mess with Jens cat xD

This is what happens when you mess with chuck norris

This is what happens when you mess with chuck norris

This is true….

Whats good to you isn’t good to me, whats bad to you may be good to me…i just know that you have to care about the person and not rely on sexual feelings…it’s the true connection that counts, not what they look like 100%, you have to treat them like you’d want to be treated obviously, and it has to just be a balance…not one sided, so yeah, you’ll know when you have that…it’s the best feeling ever.


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Serentity, for our country (Wrote for my Bill Evans project)

Bill evans

The skies brought upon your love for our country
One hit, one note, a whole other story.
We’re at a world of war, spilling guts, a horror
Gore, feeling sore, with this pen inflict and solicit peace.
No more.
Within this remorseful pain the music flows so diligently, so eager to resolve
But spontaneously, it evolves.
Pain within our souls is redundant in this cold war
Playing for the soldiers, seeing the joy, is worth way more.
Than seeing this
Agony, sorrow, just uncertainty.
Living so calm, in utter serenity.

Within Me

Displaced in this world, wondering whats coming to an end.

People once your friends, or so you thought

Things start turning for the worst, you get caught, within the negativity cold,

A symphony of tears flashes past you, realizing you lost it all

Until you found the one that caught you, caught your heart, it was all a restart

But now you’re afraid, because it’ll surely be hard.